Sunday, October 30, 2016

PT 2016- 265 days to GO

After completing an Ironman Triathlon, a smart man would rest.
Not being very smart, 10 days later I participated in a 175 mile charity bike ride.  

On day one, at Mile 60, nearing the summit of a 6-mile incline my left quad cramped out. Laying on the ground, trying to stretch it out, I found my whole hip cramp out.
(Were you slithering like a snake in the dust?)

Pretty much
Once I stretch that out 

(You called for the SAG wagon and called it a day)
I got back on my bike the road another two miles till the other side cramp out.
(That was when you called that wagon and called it a day)
No, my friend came by and offered me a muscle relaxing cream.
I was impressed that it didn't taste as bad as I thought it would.
"Dave you know that cream is topical right?"

(Did your tongue go numb?)
No & I finished the hundred twenty miles of riding. Then I threw in a 5k run when I got off the bike
(Then you called it a day?)

Then I slipped into an ice bath.
The next day we rode another 55 miles.
(Then you called the season quit)
Three weeks later I competed in Half Ironman Maine70.3

Three weeks later I competed in Half Ironman Atlantic City70.3. 
I had 3 athletes competing, I had to go

(Because you have a death wish)
Because I enjoy racing
(Yup, a death wish)
The next week, I started to notice a tightness in my hamstring.
(The butt muscle?)
The muscle that connects from your tush to the back of you knee.
(The lower butt muscle?)
My PT reassured me it was just tightness... and with great intensity started to loosen it up.

There is nothing enjoyable about having a grown man rub the knots out of your hamstring muscles.
There is nothing enjoyable about having your PT twist you into a pretzel shape.
But with 6 days to go to the New York City marathon there is great joy in knowing you will be ready.

(And that you have a death wish).

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