Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Unfinished Journey-275 Days to GO

Reset the count down clock, we're doing another Ironman in 2017.
(I'm shocked)
Yeah, I know. 
(You're never going to stop, are you?)
I need to take a break in 2018 for my kid's bar mitzvah.
(So you are changing the every other year schedule)
Yup, plus I felt like I had a unfinished business at Ironman Lake Placid.
(Unfinished? You set a new PR! You finished a 140.6 mile race in under 16 hours!)
But, I did poorly on the bike.
(Poorly? You rode 112 miles in under 8 hours.)
At one point I had to stop to catch my breath.
(So you could have done better on the bike)
I felt that I could have done better at everything.
(Is there a point where you will be happy?)
(What if you don't achieve that goal?)
I shaved an hour off my marathon. If I shave 30 minutes off the bike & another 15 off the run, I will be there. 
(Are you capable of a 1:25:00 swim, a 7:30:00 bike & a 5:45 run?)
The motto of Ironman is, "Anything is possible on race day". 
The trick will be time.
(You mean seeing your family)
(How are you going to train more & not become, "Mommy, who is that man in spandex?")
You'll see, I have a plan. For now I have to get through the NYC Marathon.
(You, Mr. ADD. You can do one thing at a time?)
I can stop thinking about Ironman training right now.
(Says the man who just told us he plans to do another Ironman 11 months from now)

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