Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why the Swim Matters-230 Days to GO

"I could totally do the swim at the Ironman. How long is it?"
"2.4 miles."
"How many meters is that?"
"Almost 3,900."
" many pool lengths is that?"

169 pool open water.
"How many days do you get?"
"2 hours & 20 minutes."
"Oh never mind."

That's why they say that you cannot win on the swim, but you can lose.
If the race starts at 7 a.m., you have to be out of the water by 9:20 or you get disqualified.
(So arrest me.)
They take your timing chip.
As you run past the crowds on your way to the finish line, that chip tells the announcer which athlete is approaching. 
Imagine being stopped at the finish line and being told that you're disqualified.
(You've given this a lot of thought)
The fear of missing the time cut off is why I swim every Monday morning.
(Do you swim that distance every week?)
For the first three months of training I will swim 1,500 meters sets and focus on my form.

(Who cares about what you look like?)
Form is where people lose time. The more streamlined you are in the water, the faster you go.

This was the picture that explained why my swim time dropped from 1:50 per 100 to 2:06 per 100 in August of 2015.
(What am I looking at?)
The bubbles as my hand was dropping. My form was collapsing, because I wasn't keeping my arm outstretched.
Triathlon swimming is all about your form, not your strength
(Don't you strength train?)
I do but, being physically strong will help you maintain your form.
(Does it work the other way around?)
No, it does not work the other way around.
(Won't having big muscles get in the way?)
I'm not building muscle mass, I'm building endurance strength. The longer I can hold my fore arm straight out, the less drag I create.
(The faster you swim)
You are learning.
(Thank you)

You're welcome. 

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