Monday, May 22, 2017

Like a Ton of Bricks- 60 Day to GO!

And the season of BRICK workouts is upon us.
(What is a BRICK workout?)
When you do two different workouts, one after the other without a break. Like going for a bike ride and as soon as you get off the bike, switch your bike shoes for running sneakers and go running.
(So why do you call them BRICKS?)
Because they are stacked one on top of bricks
Named after world duatholon champion Matt Brick, who employed them in his training and thereby made them famous.
Because of the way your legs feel the first time you try to run off the bike ;-)
Because you feel like you've been hit by a ton of em’ when you're done.
For the record, I hate doing them.
(So, don't)
But I recognize them as a necessary evil.
(Why are the a necessary...evil?)
When you dismount after 112 miles, you hand your bike off the volunteer in the yellow shirt.
Then you have to run to the changing tent & prepare to run a marathon.
If you are not use to running after hours of pedaling, you might face plant, right there.
(But you are wearing sneakers)
No, you are cycling in bike shoes & now you need to go put on your sneakers.
Triathlon is a race where you swim, run to your bike, bike, get off your bike, then go running…all without stopping.

(Why would you do that?)
That, is an entirely different blog entry.

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