Saturday, June 10, 2017

What a Year Difference Makes -40 Days to GO

Arriving at the Ironman village last year, for Ironman Lake Placid my wife asked me,
"How do you feel?"
"I wish that I had more time to train."
As I look at my Facebook "memories" from last year, I can see that I am weeks ahead of where I was 12 months ago.
Instead of starting the 4,000 meter swims June 10, I started May 26.
(I'm now 250 meters ahead & minutes faster too)


Last year my biking was split into two parts: Indoor & outdoor.
January-April I rode indoors, once a week. That was it.
The longest ride was 90 minutes. All I did was spin, no actual formal training.
This year, I rode 3 times a week indoors between January-April.
Each ride had a specific goal. I also bought a power meter to help me see just how hard I should be spinning.
By the time I started climbing hills outside in April, I found that I was able to climb with ease. Last year at Lake Placid it was the hills that almost did me in.
7:55:04 for 112 miles is way to slow (14.1 mph) when I have put this much time into it.

Last year I cut my marathon down by an hour. I was blown away to be running instead of walking (like the three previous Ironmans).
Part of that was running more than one 18 mile run.
So as I said to my wife...I wish that I had more time
So I mapped out my training & started the volume loading sooner

With just over 40 days to go, I am running 18 miles & the only thing stopping me is time.
I have to get to work.
(So start earlier.)
That, is a conversation for another blog.

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